As an occupational hygienist, ergonomist, stress/work organisation specialist and educator, I can help with most occupational health hazards and issues. I am:

  • committed to integrating occupational and environmental health into truly “green” solutions and jobs;
  • trying to use an equity lens in all activities (e.g., for women, injured and/or disabled workers, racialised individuals and groups);
  • workplace mapping and body mapping pioneer and enthusiast;
  • a natural networker;
  • an experienced writer and editor; and
  • passionate about participatory education, planning, research and related activities.

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, my activities involve work for organisations and individuals in Canada and the United States.

Aside from individuals with health and safety questions/issues, I work mostly with:

  • health and safety committees,
  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs),
  • occupational health clinics/centres,
  • other health and safety specialists,
  • researchers (participatory action, qualitative), and
  • unions.

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Photo by Earl Dotter