Stressors and work organisation

There are lots of names for the hazards and working conditions that stress us out. Terms used include:

  • work organisation hazards
  • stressors
  • psychosocial hazards
  • psychological health hazards

“Stress” is too comtoximon these days in lots of jobs. Despite the stereotype of a “stressed out” executive, studies show that stressful jobs are those with:

  • lots of demands (on their minds and/or bodies),
  • little or no control or say in what they do and how they do it,
  • little or no support from “bosses”, unions or co-workers, and
  • lack of respect
  • harassment, bullying and/or other forms of violence

That means those most likely to be affected collect our garbage and recycling, build our vehicles, answer office phones and check out our groceries. The stressors they face take a toll on bodies and minds, and hazards to the mind become hazards to the body, showing up in physical symptoms.

Solutions must recognise what work conditions and hazards contribute to our mental or psychological health, not just focus on individual needs or situations.

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